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Collections Lawyer in Denver

Denver Collections Attorney

Creditors have rights! Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C., is here to help protect those rights in Colorado.

Advocates for Our Clients

Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C., understands that creditor financing can be costly and complex, especially when it comes to collecting debts. Consumer credit laws, including Denver bankruptcy and financing laws, exist to protect debtors in ways that can prevent creditors from collecting on an obligation. Successfully managing and resolving these debts requires swift and immediate action. Our experienced creditor rights attorneys help Colorado creditors navigate those issues to minimize financial losses.

Colorado Creditor Law: Practice Areas in Litigation

  • Real estate law
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Banking and finance law
  • Breach of contracts
  • Promissory notes
  • Secured and unsecured debt
  • Accounts receivable
  • Judgments, including out-of-state and foreign judgments

Diverse Resolution Options Available

Unfortunately, getting a judgment that forces a debtor to make restitution isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many debtors owe money to more than one creditor. Understanding the hierarchy of which creditors collect on obligations first and how much they will receive is extremely important.

Courts often grant stays, forbearances, and bankruptcy claims that can prevent you from recouping as much as possible. We can provide same-day services to act on motions, objections, and other bankruptcy issues to preserve your collection rights as a creditor.

We represent creditors to enforce their claims over competing agencies and ensure that all necessary filings are legally and expeditiously processed before a court-ordered action prevents them from collecting on a debt.

Colorado Creditor Law: Practice Areas in Collection Methods

  • Garnishments
  • Loan workouts
  • Debt restructuring
  • Receiverships
  • Levies

Experts in Administrative Filing and Court Procedures

Proper handling of collections cases involves a tedious administrative process. Our attorneys and paralegals know what is needed to litigate a claim successfully and are adept at the nonstop, timely filing of those legal documents for our creditors. Our staff will ensure that no stone is left unturned as they negotiate the most favorable financial outcome.

Douglas D. Koktavy and his team in Denver, Colorado, start by looking at your case and client portfolios. We then evaluate your rights in each scenario to determine the most appropriate course of action. Finally, our lawyers represent you and fight to help your business seek an adequate return on investment.

Colorado Creditor Laws: Practice Areas in Forms and Notices

  • Collecting on deficiency accounts for lenders
  • Customizing a forms library for efficient paperwork assembly
  • Account reporting to clients
  • Renewing garnishments
  • Perfecting liens
  • Obtaining writs of replevins

If you are dealing with issues involving the collection of debts, do not hesitate to seek legal advice. The sooner your reach out to our full-service firm and trusted team of collections attorneys, the more we can help minimize the negative impact on your cost and time.

Our first step in the collection process is to send a demand letter to the debtor and provide any Fair Debt Collections Practices Act notices on consumer accounts.

Our experience has shown that diligent and constant work on a file is the best way to generate positive results.

As such, we move a case through the litigation system as promptly and efficiently as possible. Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C. also recognizes that the best settlement opportunities arise through this process. We accept a smaller number of cases in order to devote hands on time for each of our staff members to solve your problem accounts.

Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C. provides collection of deficiency balances created by enforcement of a creditor(s security interest in property. This includes real estate foreclosures, automobile repossessions, boat and aircraft repossessions, and equipment sales and leasing.

Our staff is well versed in Article 9 requirements of (commercially reasonable disposition( in order to preserve a deficiency balance.

Post judgment remedies generally involve seizure and sale of specific property. This is known as execution. Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C. uses a wide range of remedies, including writs of garnishment on earnings (good for 180 days in Colorado), garnishment of bank accounts, garnishment of property in third party hands and remedies whereby the county sheriff sells seized assets on behalf of creditors.

Our team recognizes that timely status reports and remittances are important issues for you and Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C. customizes our reporting functions to your standards and needs, not ours.

Call Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C., today at (303) 758-6601, or contact us online to find out more about our services.

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