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Denver Creditor Attorney

Creditor Attorney in Denver

We have years of experience in most aspects of creditor rights. An experienced attorney can help you devise a plan to recover debts. Our creditor rights attorneys represent creditors in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding areas.

Practice Areas

We offer Colorado creditors comprehensive representation. Our Colorado creditor law practice areas include replevin, collections, commercial litigation, and bankruptcy. We can handle foreclosure and collection cases throughout the state of Colorado.

Failure to Pay

If a debtor or borrower fails to pay, creditors have several options. We have the know-how in dealing with many different kinds of cases. We offer “self-help” remedies that do not involve courts, as well as remedies that do.

Self Help

In most cases, a creditor’s first attempt to collect a debt is directly from the debtor. If you cannot collect, you can transfer the debtor’s account to a collection agency. The agency will work on your behalf to collect debts. We provide credit counseling and legal guidance to maximize debt recovery.

Secured Transaction

Secured transactions give a creditor access to the debtor’s assets as collateral. If the debtor fails to make payments, you can repossess the asset. Our lawyers are familiar with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Colorado state laws, so we can help you devise security agreements.

Replevin Law

Replevin is an essential measure when self-help is ineffective. It gives you the right to repossess collateral from a non-paying debtor. We provide asset recovery and repossession services to banks, lessors, and other financial institutions. We have learned through years of experience how to recover collateral efficiently.


The first step in collecting a debt is to obtain a judgment from the court. We handle all aspects of your case, from filing a demand letter to entering final judgment. Our Denver collections lawyer can help you with post-judgment executions, wage garnishment, and other collection procedures.

Commercial Litigation

We offer legal services for commercial and consumer cases. Our lawyers represent banks, businesses, and quasi-government lenders in various cases. Key areas involve contract litigation, contract disputes, and breach of contract. Other cases include:

  • Promissory note actions
  • Proceedings against third-party guarantors
  • Enforcement of rights in secured financing agreements
  • Fraud and fraudulent conveyance actions
  • And many more

Lender Representation

Financial institutions turn to us for guidance on critical legal matters. We have extensive experience in banking and finance law. We can resolve cases involving judicial foreclosures, loans, bankruptcies, and liquidation. Our Colorado creditor law practice areas also include agricultural collections.

Creditor Bankruptcy

Our bankruptcy practice includes assisting banks, auto finance companies, and other financial institutions. We provide representation for:

  • Negotiation and preparation of adequate protection
  • Cash collateral agreements
  • Complex proofs of claim
  • Plan objections
  • Motions for relief from stay
  • Motions to dismiss or convert cases

Creditor Rights Attorney

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in collections law. We emphasize creditor rights and support your right to collect. Our firm offers comprehensive legal services in Colorado creditor law: practice areas. We can represent you in commercial, financial, and business matters. Contact Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C. if you need bankruptcy, replevin, or debt collection services.

Colorado Creditor Law represents individuals, businesses, and a financial institutions in a wide variety of commercial cases.

  • contract litigation
  • contract disputes
  • breach of contract

Colorado Creditor Law’s attorneys have extensive experience in all pertinent areas, including Uniform Commercial Code disputes, domesticating out of state judgments, equipment or automobile deficiency claims, and replevin actions. Our creditor collection attorneys are highly skilled in the areas of collections law. We are able to represent creditor clients and handle foreclosure and collection cases in every county in Colorado. If you need a creditor rights attorney in Denver, CO to assist you or your company in your bankruptcy case, workout negotiations, or collections matters, or if you need an attorney on your side for a commercial, financial, or business matter, please contact Colorado Creditor Law today at (303) 758-6601.

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