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The firm is a full-service creditor’s practice. Some of the services my law firm provides includes:

In Colorado I provide statewide coverage for qualified cases and will aggressively enforce your rights.

Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C., is a Denver, Colorado law firm emphasizing creditors’ rights. The firm represents a variety of individuals, businesses and financial institutions, including banks, credit unions and auto finance companies.

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What Is A Creditor Rights Attorney?

A creditor rights attorney typically practices in 1 of 2 courts. There are state courts, where clients go to recover personal property (replevins) or collect money. Bankruptcy courts are where clients go to quickly recover all they can from a bankruptcy estate. In many cases, you have to shift from one type of practice to the other–without missing a beat.

State court actions may include a replevin hearing. This action seeks to repatriate personal property with the lender. Our office typically does numerous car replevins (where a debtor seeks to maintain the auto) all the way up to recovering assets of a pawn shop or a dental practice. Our staff is highly skilled in getting the pieces “just right” to make these seizures effective.

Creditor rights attorneys, like the ones at Colorado Creditor Law, represent Denver creditor bankruptcy clients in cases under various chapters of the Bankruptcy Code. These include Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcies, Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcies, Chapter 12 family farmer reorganization bankruptcies, and Chapter 13 individual debt adjustment bankruptcies. Colorado Creditor Law’s experienced Denver creditor rights attorneys put their knowledge to work in order to accomplish their creditor clients’ goals as efficiently and cost-effective as possible.

Creditors rights attorneys in Denver should be well versed in all the remedies that are available to creditors in Colorado Bankruptcy Court. The following point cannot be underestimated: The need for speed. A bankruptcy court docket moves at alarming speed. You must act now or be foreclosed from acting later. Creditors rights attorneys frequently represent creditor clients in:

Colorado Creditor Law’s Denver collection lawyers represent creditor clients with a broad range of different backgrounds. This can include everything from a individual bankruptcy filing spouse attempting to re-litigate a prior state court judgment in a divorce case to his ex’s detriment–to automobile finance companies regular motions and practice. Any type of creditor can end up in a bankruptcy proceeding in a Colorado bankruptcy court. Colorado Creditor Law is more than attorneys; this Denver, CO secured party firm employs a highly qualified staff to assist all creditor clients whenever they have a question or concern.

The familiarity with bankruptcy laws and rules that a qualified Denver, CO creditors rights law firm should possess, along with knowledge of the particular rules of in the Colorado bankruptcy courts, allow that firm to approach from a rational, efficient perspective. This ability, developed through the experience of our Denver bankruptcy law attorneys, is highly valuable to Colorado Creditor Law’s creditor clients. Our primary focus is providing our creditor clients with an excellent value for their money.

Colorado Replevin Law

One of the many ways our firm assists banks, equipment lessors, auto finance companies, and other financial institutions in asset recovery, repossession, and collateral recovery efforts is through a complaint for replevin. Replevin is an efficient way to legally repossess collateral from the stubborn debtor when self-help has failed.

Procedurally, a verified complaint is filed, together with a motion for issuance of a show cause order. The hearing schedule is expedited. We obtain further orders to insure that the collateral is maintained and safeguarded during the procedure and timely returned, or made available, to the lender after hearing. Our years of experience have taught us the various extra steps needed to recover collateral efficiently.

Several years ago, our attorneys recognized a procedural flaw in the replevin rule. We drafted language correcting the problem and submitted the change to the Colorado Civil Rules Committee. This committee approved our change and forwarded the new version to the Colorado Supreme Court. The new rule took effect on January 1, 2004. It is still in effect today!  The new rule will save creditors significant time and money in recovering personal property.

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Client Testimonials

"We have used Mr. Koktavy as our local counsel for our consumer bankruptcies since December of 2000. Since that time, he has demonstrated his ability to meet, and exceed, the high standards that we set for our attorneys."

– Bankruptcy Client

Collection Attorneys and Commercial Litigation


If a customer, merchant or borrower owes your organization a debt, the first step toward collecting it is to obtain a judgment in the appropriate court. An experienced lawyer in Denver, CO is equipped to taking care of every aspect of your case, from sending a simple demand letter to the final entry of judgment. Post-judgment executions, wage garnishments and other collection procedures can help our creditor clients recover the judgments that our attorneys have obtained. We will work with our creditor clients through every stage of collection, from an initial demand letter to post-judgment garnishments and bank levies, executions, sheriffs’ sales and liens.

Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Act

If you have a judgment from another state and you are in need of a local creditor’s rights lawyer in Colorado, the attorneys at Colorado Creditor Law can assist you in domesticating that judgment and collecting on it throughout the state.

Forcible Entry and Detainer

If you have a non-performing tenant and you are in need of a local creditor’s rights lawyer in Colorado, the attorneys at Colorado Creditor Law can assist you in evicting that tenant throughout the state.

Commercial Litigation

Colorado Creditor Law represents individuals, businesses and a financial institutions in a wide variety of commercial cases.

Colorado Creditor Law’s attorneys have extensive experience in all pertinent areas, including Uniform Commercial Code disputes, domesticating out of state judgments, equipment or automobile deficiency claims, and replevin actions. Our creditor collection attorneys are highly skilled in the areas of collections law. We are able to represent creditor clients and handle foreclosure and collection cases in every county in Colorado. If you need a creditor rights attorney in Denver, CO to assist you or your company in your bankruptcy case, workout negotiations, or collections matters, or if you need an attorney on your side for a commercial, financial, or business matter, please contact Colorado Creditor Law today.

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