Our first step in the collection process is to send a demand letter to the debtor and provide any Fair Debt Collections Practices Act notices on consumer accounts.

Our experience has shown that diligent and constant work on a file is the best way to generate positive results.

As such, we move a case through the litigation system as promptly and efficiently as possible. Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C. also recognizes that the best settlement opportunities arise through this process. We accept a smaller number of cases in order to devote hands on time for each of our staff members to solve your problem accounts.

Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C. provides collection of deficiency balances created by enforcement of a creditor(s security interest in property. This includes real estate foreclosures, automobile repossessions, boat and aircraft repossessions and equipment sales and leasing.

Our staff is well versed in Article 9 requirements of (commercially reasonable disposition( in order to preserve a deficiency balance.

Post judgment remedies generally involve seizure and sale of specific property. This is known as execution. Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C. uses a wide range of remedies, including writs of garnishment on earnings (good for 180 days in Colorado), garnishment of bank accounts, garnishment of property in third party hands and remedies whereby the county sheriff sells seized assets on behalf of creditors.

Our team recognizes that timely status reports and remittances are important issues for you and Douglas D. Koktavy, P.C. customizes our reporting functions to your standards and needs, not ours.